Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Business is all im thinking right now.

HEY HEY. lama tak update anything. i think its over than 2 months now. yaaa! 2 bulan macam terjadi tapi nak diceritakan, someday i will share with all of you okay? *geleng-geleng*
btw, im thinking to do an online shopping through my blog. agak2, laku tak? or should i create one blog only for the business itself? hmm.. i'll be selling clothes from Korea. Includes for women and men clothes. yay!! so, stay tune. will try my best to spend time to my part time job here.... weee

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wordless Friday..

" You might be married to the worst man on earth, like Asiah who married Firaun (Pharoah), but it didn't change her (aqidah).
You might be married to the best man on earth, like Nabi Lut's wife, yet that doesn't mean you're going to Jannah with him.
You might not be married at all, like our beloved Maryam yet Allah SWT places your status above all other women on earth.
Have faith in Allah always and place your full trust in Him. He's the central focal point of our lives "

- Heba El-Haddad

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hectic is aftering me this whole month. phew!

Hey hey. howaw ya? agak lama blog sudah di anak tirikan. ya ya, year 2012 is so stressfull for me especially February. pejam celik pejam celik, the end of month is coming soon. (pssst, im getting married this 30th of february, do come to my big day okeng? muahahaha)

anyway, i've been so packed with lots of works. sangat2 menimbun. sumpah tak tipu sampai otak boleh jammed. talking bout work, i've been sending my resume to other places for a new place, better environment, better challanges, better salary for sure. (i kan nak kawin, money will be my first ranking) and till now, no news about it. sedih tapi takpelah, mungkin Allah nak bagi yang lebih baik buat kita kan, we never know. :)

oh, February is known as Month of Love, why? Valentine's day. hey, i dont celebrate it ok, i still have belief in God. and i dont need 1 day just to show my love. deal with it... everyday is a love day (unless ur on red, its war day for women. haha) Along this month, i've been doing so much things.. and includes my basic activity; wake up, working, eating, sleeping etc. i've been baking Chocloate Chip Cookies by myself last weekend. yay! seriously, i never thought i would fall in love in baking this much. :') done with baking, i made spagetthi bolognaise for the family. my parents felt a bit weird seeing her daughter been so rajin at the dapur along the weekend. haha Some facts about me you guys should know; when im stress, pressure, out of control.. i do 2 things to get rid of the pressure.

1. i'll clean the toilet the whole hour

2. i'll cook like there's no tomorrow

funny isn't it? well, thats me.

the ingredients of my successfull Chocolate Chip Cookies

the important equipment in baking. or kalau sanggup manual pakai tangan berjam2, silekan! :D

freshly baked form the oven


my next project is baking my own tiramisu. hope it end well and sedap!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thinking to save more? Gunalah MPC

Halloo and assalammualaikum wbt semua. It' been a while i haven't update my blog. A bit busy (yang pura-pura busy saja) but today i want to share something good with all of you. yess, benda baik kite kene share la takkan nak kedekut2 pulak kan?

okay, topik nak hebaq dan matap je kan.. tapi first of all nak tanya, siapa pakai kereta??? (kereta ke motokar saja tau, motorsikal xboleh) to be honest, korang penah rasa sesak tak bile ada kereta, sebab benda pertama akan terlintas... MINYAK PETROL/DIESEL yg akan digunakan. maintenance pun perlu di amek kire jugak ye dak? well, harini saya nak share something usefull with u guys.. which i've been using it for 5months+ (jujur, tak baik cakap tipu.. boleh je nak ckp dah pakai setahun but no used to lie about this) and im staying with my folks at BANTING and im working in KLANG. been travelling all the way, EVERYDAY (6days kerja ok) and for sure orang tanya.. "tak penat ke berulang-alik?" and "weh, duet gaji abes kat minyak je nak berulang-alik" yess yess, dah lali dengar bende nih.. thanks to Max Power Controller, which somehow helping me like 40% off saving my money in petrol. Im not kidding, and i ain't lie to you.

i know there's been many kind of fuel saver in the market (which randomly the price rm100+, ada yang murah, murah betul sampai below rm100..mesti korang terus confidentkan nak beli sebab kalo xmenjadi xla rugi sgt kan.. hey, i've been thinking like that too tapi ade yg mahal2, mahal sungguh sampai tutup due2 mata je tgk) but then, i choosed MPC product which recommended by my aunt. Alhamdulillah, banyak duet gaji boleh simpan untuk perkara lain. once, saya rekod mileage kereta saya. i fill rm30 (ron95) can go up to 260+km ok? impressive kan.. tapi nih bergantung kepada cc kereta juga..

oh ya, i spread the news to my bf.. him and his family are also using it. they were satisfied with the controller too. oh, nak cakap pasal family member saya.. all of them are now using it.. ^__^

Here are some of the details about Max Power Controller:

1. Jaminan wang dikembalikan dalam masa 10 hari.

2. Jaminan alat selama 18 bulan.

3. Boleh digunakan sehingga lebih 5 tahun.

4. Melebihi 85, 00 kenderaan telah menggunakannya.

5. Sesuai untuk semua jenis kenderaan sama ada baru atau lama.

6. Menjimatkan minyak sehingga 45%

7. Tidak perlu penjagaan.

8. Peamsangan yang mudah (hanya perlu cucuk di tempat rokok)

9. Meningkatkan kuasa.

10. Meminimakan penggunaan bateri, dengan itu dapat memanjangkan jangka hayat bateri.

11. Menambah kecerahan lampu kenderaan.

12. Menstabilkan arus eletrik kenderaan.

13. Melindungi sistem eletronik kereta (spark plug akan tahan lebih lama)

14. Merendahkan suhu penghawa dingin kenderaan (suhu lebih sejuk)

15. Mengurangkan tekanan enjin.

16. Lulus ujian SIRIM.

this is the upgrade version design, more cute and improvised.

siap ade warranty card and must be filled by registered agent.

and it was published in Utusan and Metro :)

#Jaminan 10 Hari Wang DiKembalikan Jika Tidak Berkesan. Jaminan Produk ialah 1 Tahun 6 bulan.#

see, there's a lot of advantages using MPC ni, and talking about side effects of using it.. kereta saya punya battery dah totally lama (im saying this the truth, and tunggu masa nak ganti je) but somehow, i think with the help of MPC, my car somehow can start like usual and kuasa engine pun takde effect yang negative. About the price, ehem.. let's talk about it now. Harga di pasaran Semenanjung Malaysia RM239, manakala Sabah/Sarawak RM255 and me and bf are one of the registered agent (yay!)

any question, u can browse here about MPC which we have advertise in Mudah.my or maybe u can directly contact me through my email at mzemma@gmail.com for more info.

p/s: sesiape rasa nak kahwin cepat, kene beli alat nih tau.. sebab boleh simpan duet nak kahwin :D

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A great start on 2012

Happy Twenty Twelve peeps! New year, new resolution..am i right? how about last year resolutions, have you guys made it? asking me, i would say.. no. But i guess, i have to bring forward this year. pray for the best ya semua? ^__^

My long weekend was a hectic one. Doesn't have to celebrate on New Year Eve, but i manage to have things to fill my weekend and im having so much fun! Im having a superb time pampering myself at Andamai Spa at Laman Seri Shah Alam, Section 13. Seriously, i haven't had time for myself, and till my last day of 2011. Im doing a facial treatment there, and seriously.. it was a satisfaction for me. The beautician was so friendly, the place was cozy and nice.. the price... ehem2. Quite okay for those who been entitled worker. (sorry that i forgot to snap pictures of the interior, but i would totally recommend to those who been dying to have time for themselves) The price are based on the services/treatments. Here are some treatment they provide;

have a look at here :)

Spending time with the folks at home, treating them lovely foods and they smiling back to me is priceless. and yes, that is what i done on last Sunday. There, three choices of cake for each one

Actually, not everyone having their own slices, we manage to rotate the cake together so we can taste each and every cakes i bought. And that was the menu for our lunch on Page 1 of 366 (haha mesti tertanya-tanyakan, apa maksud page 1 of 366 nih? year 2012 = 366 days, page 1 = first day)

Sebenarnye, i was hoping to bring them out but mama got tons of work to be done. Sekolah dah nak bermula dia mesti sibuk belaka so we decide to stay at home and chatting while watching tv. A relaxing time...

The next day, which happens yesterday.. me, heading to Seri Iskandar, Perak with bf sending his brother back... weehuuu.. luckily adek bf belajar kat situ. dapatlah mengikut menghantar sekali die ke sana... i was freaking excited because i was dying to go there (ni zaman saya belajar diploma dulu) and people keep saying 'seri iskandar dah lain gile kot, banyak bangunan baru, seri aman dah cantek, bla bla bla' and yes! totally agree seeing suasana yang sangat sangat sangat berbeza. (teringat zaman saya belajar, berjalan pergi kedai Rahmath beli board A0 size dan bawa balik berjalan kaki was totally a memorable time) tapi skg, semuanya dah berubah. KFC da wujud (tak perlu pergi setiawan dah), Secret Recipe dah muncul (lepas nih sesape punye birthday bole beli kek kat situ) and tak lama lagi, McD plak muncul seiring dengan cinema hall. aaaaahh pitam~~ wondering how the students would study there with all 'accommodations' ?? syukur la zaman saya dulu semuanya takda lagi, bole fokus kan? tapi rasa nam menanges jugakla bila dapat pergi kesana melawat.... :') wish i could go there someday again and snap pictures setiap ceruk ok. haha

main gate, jauh dari jalan besar...

dulu blok siswi, skg da siswa duduk. oh, adek bf sy duk sini (blok teratai katenye)

tempat wajib berkunjung zaman saya belajar dulu, Pusat Kesihatan ;')

muka saya excited kan?

FSPU, in heart. dah kaler kuning...and ade aircond setiap studio *untung

dulu, Bukit Aman, skg ... Dataran Amanjaya... rindu telur bistik!!

nih ..urm.. office. *sampai skg tatau pejabat ape -.-"

p/s: incik bf..next time kite pergi awal sikit ye bole singgah Cameron Highlands makan strawberry kan? :D

Friday, December 30, 2011

Neon Lights are everywhere

dulu menatang nih tak wujud, just dataran kosong je, sekarang...phuyooo

Have you guys been to I-City?? ala.. The City of Lights tuh.. haa, yang banyak advertise kat TV promote tempat tuh.. best kan kan? Actually, it's the second time (secara rasminye menikmati pemandangan lampu-lampu tuh kan) kalau masuk untuk duk lepak tepi jalan tuh ade la 2, 3kali saje-saje (time tuh free lagi, sebab tak banyak lampu and not really entertaining pun) but, surprisingly, berbeza gila things inside there.. too many playground,lights, aaa dah tatau nak cakap apa.. mmg banyak gila perbezaan dulu dengan sekarang (i used to say.. membazirnya la dorang buat benda-benda nih) end up.. beribu-ribu orang datang menikmati pemandangan cantik di bawah lampu neon berkaler warna-warni ini termasukla saya. muahaha

perkara wajib, pose ;)

Well, i don't really plan to go there last night, semuanya.. without proper planning, since abah is at Kemaman leaving me, mama and abang lil family at home. To be honest, mama been wanting to go to I-City so much cuma masa tak mengizinkan so, malam tadi.. vrrooooomm vrooomm ke sana. punya excited mama sebab it was her first time been there (and, i was happy to because.. aaaa banyak nye perubahan, kagum seketika ok? ^__^) since im working i just drive myself there by myself waiting for them.

Sempena New Year Eve, ada Ferris Wheel, Hot Air Balloon, Expo 1 Malaysia, Brassband from Sek Men Datok Hamzah (yang kacak-kacak..auuww sebbek tak sorang, kalo sorang mau pass no jugak pada yang depan sekali tuh kan.. hihi) games, funfair, games and games haha. Mama and abg lil family went to SnoWalk, while im enjoying myself playing at the arcade. Guess what?? i won myself a teddy bear!! haha bertambah la koleksi teddy bear kat rumah tuh hihi..

nampak tuh, Ferris Wheel. tapi semalam tak buka untuk public lagi. sobsob :'(

dek, xpening ke kepala tuh....

this is my Credit Card, u pay RM20=20+5 credit to play at the arcade

hebatkan saya? bole menang... die plak.. ehek2.. gelak je mampu :p

Oh ya, ade konsert Battle of The Band juga malam tadi, so can u imagine how packed the place is?? haaa, berpeluh sakan adalah perkara wajib bila berada in public area.. and yes, im damn sweating under my clothes and hijabs. muehehe. While im enjoying the konsert (sambil tunggu mereka yang kunun-kunun berada di London tuh kan) suddenly received a call from my abg. He said that BamBam (she's my niece.. called her like that because she used to be soo tembam tapi skg dah kurus, fit and panjang) is sleeping in the SnoWalk. aaaaa imagine that. haha i have to carry her out.. and dukung her while she is asleep. (saya rasa macam ibu-ibu je masa tuh..auwww)

bambam lena tido tak sedar dengan bunyi konsert

Later, they got out and we all so capek.. especially me, i went back home first at 11:15 pm. and pingsan at almost 2 am.. and now. IM SLEEPY~ @_@

Monday, December 26, 2011

Another packed weekend

Hai everyone, how was the Xmas weekend? must be awesome for those who have been working and i believe most the kids must be sad since school is opening soon enough. hehe. btw, my last weekend was packed with cousin's wedding, and family getaway. yaaaaaa. it was awesome. but, sorry that i haven't bring the copies of photos. but surely, i'll be uploading the photos more, okay?
(here are some photos that i manage to take using my handphone only)

motif? tuh..kaler pink tuh~

Last Sunday, the reception for Mohd Noor Ashraf bin Amirrudin also know as Abg A'ap to me and others was held on that day. The theme color was 'turquoise' but i can see variant colors there under the tents. haha. Abg A'ap is married to Rita Oktavia and they were officially nikah on last Saturday, only the reception for pihak lelaki was held the week after that. hihi. Oh, the food was superrrb delicious.. there were kambing golek on night before too. For whom who don't really love eating daging kambing (im talking about myself) had fallen in love for the taste of it..simply delicious okay...im not kidding. Tak kalah juga hidangan hari Ahad tuh.. semuanya sedap.. i think i have gain my weight this weekend. hahaha.. (im proud since everyone called me skinny bone)

me and adek Hani...auww~

me, again..

my soon-bff in few more years *sayang mereka

hey mista DJ..*kali ni takde wartawan metro ye pak ucu! :p

Lukily, the weather seems nice and sunny the whole day (i wonder who's underwear is up the roof :p). The ceremony went smoothly well til 6:50 pm where the bride and groom exciting open the gifts given by the guest and families. And for those who has been involving in celebrating the pengantin, im sure all of you pingsan right after that, kan? hahaa.. sangat penat yet fun for us to gather around.

And as for yesterday, me and my family had an awesome day out. yay!! having a splash at Gold Coast Morib theme park.. the place is new and surely, it was packed since the day was a public holidays. All of us except abah were enjoying the water (if only abah could join... must be perfecto ...haiih~ takpela, abah ckp abah sakit pinggang since he had to stand for some time at the wedding to welcome the guests) The theme park was surrounded by apartments and we manage to 'berkelah' somewhere yang teduh...lega. But seriously, it was totally packed. Even i have to be a lifeguard to 2 big girls. I only get a chance to play in the water for a quite moment since....'the moon is suddenly arrive at the wrong time....' aaaaa pity me. go to change myself and seat by the pool looking for everyone who enjoying themselves. haaaaaa. xpe, ipad ade so bole online kehkehkehe..

oh ya.. i didnt get myself sunburn since i cover up myself with a sunblock. hihi ^____^

And Thank you Pak Uteh and Cik N for the treat last night. They were celebrating their daughters for achieving a good results in PMR.. Tahniah Fyna and Tasha. Hoping u both succeed in SPM too and become wiser persons with great ability in the future!! kak emma will pray for both of u getting a better boarding school okay? oh ya, don;t forget to claim prizes from me .. hihi

ini, Fyna.

ini pula, saye.

these kids are my adek2 sedare.

Fyna and Aina(who will be seating for PMR next year)